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The best definition of Imputer as of yet! I impute you to visit some of my other websites listed above!
Progression of Definitions: IMPUTER - This is someone who Imputes! One who Imputes. If you impute then you are an Imputer (The origin of Impute is actually Middle-English from the Anglo-French word “imputer”, which came from Latin - “Imputare” from in- + putare, which is “to consider”) IMPUTES - This is in the third person singular - or the Action of Imputing! A verb. To Impute. If he imputes now he also is imputing now and he may impute in the future and therefore he is an imputer not to be confused with one who computes. IMPUTING - This is the present Participle of Impute IMPUTE - (Verb) (1) To Ascribe or Represent something as being completed, caused, or possessed by someone; attribute something. (2) Assign a Value to something when the real value is uncertain. Soon to show up here will be exciting sentance use of the word imputer and it’s derivitives! Therefore I impute expectations upon you! 1.) Harold the great magical imputer was known as a teacher who could impute superior wisdom and magical knowledge to his students.
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It is possible that a chef may impute cooking skills to you, but impute fits better if a judge were to impute a sentance upon you! Unless A bad chef can impute cooking skills also. This use of the word fits well! is for sale on
This is a “Computer” not to be confused with “Imputer”! We are only imputing laughter here, well... at least trying to.